Bug Bounty: Duration – 30 Days (1 Month)


A well regarded course from Gobeyondlearn will teach you how to perform  bug bounty full course work. In our Bug Bounty classes, we’ll show you how to execute web application and penetration tes

Bug Bounty Course Fee

Rs. 5500/-

Bug Bounty Courses

Course Description

Bug bounty course is a newly emerging and popular role in cybersecurity that allows freehand security professionals to assess an organization’s application and platform security in order to identify bugs or vulnerabilities. Bug bounty hunters course are mostly highly paid to locate and report security bugs, with a free hand to ethically hack and pentest applications developed by the organization’s in-house workforce.

Certified Bug Bounty is a comprehensive training in India

Cybersecurity course from Gobeyondlearn that aggressively hones the security skills of certified ethical hackers and penetration testers. This bug-hunting course provides candidates with unparalleled offensive security skills while demonstrating proven methodologies for discovering and reporting potential vulnerabilities in software applications and platforms. This crowdsourcing security training practically demonstrates all foolproof tools and practices for ethically cracking the security of websites and applications and earning bounties as rewards.

The Bug Bounty program at Gobeyondlearn was created by certified security experts and a team of leading pay after placement cybersecurity specialists. The training includes hands-on exposure in real-world environments and focuses on the practical implementation of traditional and modern methods of web application penetration testing, ethical hacking, red teaming, and security assessment.

By taking bug bounty hunter courses – Web Application Penetration Testing Bootcamp, you can become a trained professional from the safety and comfort of your own home. Whatever your situation and needs are, One Education can provide you with professional instruction from industry experts at a low cost with a limited-time discount.

One Education is proud to offer a wide variety of best-selling courses, and Bug bounty learning – Web Application Penetration Testing Bootcamp is one of our best. It is designed specifically to facilitate learning from any location using an online device. Each topic has been divided into digestible chunks that can be memorized and understood in a short period of time.

For the staff at One Education, teaching and training are more than just jobs; we take pride in hiring those who share our vision for e-learning and its importance in today’s society. To demonstrate this, all course learning materials are available for at least one year after the initial purchase.


  • Introduction
  • Github
  • Vage
  • Setting up Atmosphere
  • Nikto
  • Sun Domain
  • Recon ng
  • Knockpy
  • Nmap
  • Burp Suite Cont
  • Spider
  • Scanner
  • Intruder
  • Authorization
  • BWap
  • Wapplayzer
  • Firebug
  • Hack bar
  • User agent Switcher
  • Sublist3r
  • WP Scan
  • WP Scan Codex
  • WP Scan Template Monster
  • WP Scan theme
  • WP Scan User
  • CMS Map
  • XSS Demo
  • XSS Lenovo Yahoo
  • XSS Uber
  • XSS Paypal
  • XSS WhatsApp Facebook
  • Counter Measures for XSS
  • SQL Drupal
  • Facebook SQL Injection
  • Counter Measures for SQL
  • Template Injection
  • Template injection Similar Report
  • Clickjacking
  • Clickjacking Report
  • Clickjacking Injection Similar Report
  • Iframe Demo
  • Open Redirect Report
  • Open Redirect Similar Report
  • CSRF(change password) Demo
  • CSRF Injection
  • CSRF Townwars
  • CRF Badoo
  • CRLF Injection Similar Report
  • Shellshock
  • SSRF
  • SSRF Similar Report
  • Full Path Disclosure
  • Full Path Disclosure Report
  • Full Path Disclosure Similar Report
  • Insecure Cryptographic Storage
  • Insecure Direct object References
  • Authorize
  • Broken Auth – Insecure Login Forms Demo
  • Privilege
  • Privilege Bookfresh
  • Testing for Privilege Manipulation
  • Session Mgmt – Administrative Portals
  • Session Report
  • Application logic report
  • Application logic similar report
  • HTML Injection report
  • HTML Injection similar Report
  • HTML Injection Demo
  • XML External entity
  • XXE similar Reports
  • Sub Domain Take over
  • Sub Domain Take over Report
  • Remote File Insulation
  • Remote Code Execution
  • Remote Code Execution similar Reports
  • Cookies
  • Crt.sh
  • Sensitive Data Exposure
  • Buffer overflow
  • Buffer overflow Similar Report
  • IDOR
  • DNS misconfiguration
  • DNS misconfiguration Simliar Reports
  • Denial of Service (DoS)
  • DOS Report
  • DOS Similar Report
  • Finding Report using Google
  • Searching similar Reports
  • HTTP Parameter Pollution
  • Methodology
  • 02 Analyze the Application
  • 03 Test client-side Controls
  • 04 Authentication Mechanism
  • 05 Test Session
  • 06 Test Access Control
  • 07 Test for Input-based vulnerabilities
  • 08 Test for function
  • 09 Test for Logic Flaws
  • 10-Test for Shared Hosting Vulnerabilities
  • 11-Test for Application Server Vulnerabilities
  • Miscellaneous Checks

Enroll for Pay After Placement Bug Bounty Course.

If you are wondering how to start you Bug Bounty career then Gobeyondlearn can help you in right aspect and guide you to make right decision accordingly

Why should you take Gobeyondlearn’s Bug Bounty Hunting course?

Bug Bounty Hunter is a comprehensive security course that trains free-hand security testers to identify potential bugs in applications and websites using advanced methodologies.

Gobeyondlearn Certified Bug Bounty training includes:

  • Actual project-based implementation
  • Online hi-tech lab sessions that are fully equipped
  • Industry-leading cybersecurity placement course education
  • POC for live web application penetration testing
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various web applications and platforms
  • Hands-on delivery of critical security requirements such as ethical hacking and penetration testing

What distinguishes Gobeyondlearn from other educational institutions?

We are distinguished by our blended training methodology, practical hands-on experience, well-equipped classroom infrastructure, and the best internationally certified trainers.

What exactly is a bug bounty course?

This course will teach you how to conduct web application attacks and how to earn bug bounty hunter courses. This course is highly practical and is built on live websites; it will be extremely useful when you begin your bug-hunting journey. There are no prerequisites because the course covers everything from the ground up.

What are the requirements for bug bounty?

To be eligible for the bounty, bugs must be unique and previously unreported. If two or more people report the same bug, the bounty will go to the first researcher who reports it. You will not be eligible for the bounty if you publicly disclose the bug before a fix is released, or if you attempt to exploit it.