About Us

Beyond cloud is a group of dedicated ex[erts into the feild of Forensics providing a comprehensive digital forensic knowledge by analyzing and authenticating forensic data. We will help you find the full story, with our multiple range of digital forensic service. From computer, mobile phone, disk forensics to the fraud investigation, we can recover, preserve and analysis the hidden or deleted digital content you need for your case. We teach students to apply digital forensics methodology to a variety of case types and situation, allowing them to apply in the real world the right methodology to achieve the best outcome. We also provide Forensic Lab Establishment Service to various Education Universities. we are into training Tool Based and provide forensic services to corporate and various departments in governement.

Professional Services

No organization or system is completely immune to cyber threats or cyberattacks. Irrespective of the fact that security tools are quite advanced, they have their own limitations. On the other hand, attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Hence the requirement of Forensic services in business has increased. Cyber threats are making use of adaptive approaches to circumvent the limitations of the security tools. This makes the likelihood of acyber-attack on a business an eventuality.

Once a security event occurs,its time is of the essence. As a result, rapid response is necessary. During the response, all evidence must be duly recorded. Finally, a post-mortem examination is to be conducted. The examination investigates the root cause and suggests remediation.

How can Beyond Cloud help

Our team brings a deep understanding of cyber security and experience with handling such events. We help you prepare for an attack through adopting a proactive approach. This involves multiple processes. Analyzing and improving the current strategy, adopting best practices for rapid response to events and guiding you on the methods to eradicate threats and mitigate their effects.

Finally, we provide the best practices for evidence collection, root cause analysis and recovery. Through our suite of services, we ensure your business stays resilient and prepared against any cyber-attacks.

Malware Analysis

Malware is a term for malicious programs like viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, etc. Malware Analysis is the process of studying malware, its behaviour and its impact. More importantly, the focus is on the malware purpose and functionality based on samples.

Malware Analysis is a multi-stage process as below:

  • Sand-boxing
  • Static Analysis
  • Dynamic
  • Analysis
  • Fully Automated Analysis
  • Static Properties Analysis
  • Interactive Behaviour
  • Analysis Manual Code
  • Reversing

How can Beyond Cloud help

Our Security experts have vast experience in working with Malware Analysis tools. Moreover, they bring a thorough understanding of malware analysis best practices. In other words, we are the best positioned to safeguard any business against advanced attacks from multiple vectors

Threat hunting

Threat hunting is the practice of proactively searching for cyber threats that remain undetected in a network. Threat hunting digs deep to find malicious actors in the environment that may have slipped past your initial endpoint security defenses. Thus, cyber threat hunter role is becoming increasingly important, as companies strive to stay ahead of the latest threats and implement rapid response to mitigate potential damage resulting from cyber attacks.

How can Beyond Cloud help

Beyond Cloud brings together a 24/7 security solution to proactively hunt, investigate and advise on threat activity in any organization. Our experienced team of hunters sifts through end-point event data to swiftly identify and stop highly sophisticated attacks that would otherwise go undetected.

Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence is evidence-based knowledge, context, mechanisms, indicators, and actionable advice, about existing or emerging threats that can be used to protect organizations from cyber threats.

Threat Intelligence Sources

  • Open Source(OSINT) – information from published information or publicly available
  • information on the Internet.
  • Social Media —Sub details of OSINT
  • Human — Intellectual capability of humans
  • Technical —Tools and technology-related information
  • Paid — Global threat data with real-time updates when paid-for service
  • Deep and dark web

How can Beyond Cloud help

Our experts simplify threat intelligence management with security professionals who can design, build and operate an automated cyber threat platform that delivers up-to-the-minute threat data to help you stay ahead of cyber attacks.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud investigations are used to expose a fraudulent offence and to punish the perpetrator for this deceitful and illegal act. Fraud investigations like through ethical hacking course in case of computer frauds are necessary to ensure the correct individual is punished, and to ensure that the victim of fraud is offered justice. A fraud investigation is conducted with the intention to protect and offer justice to the victim of a fraudulent offence, and in turn to punish the fraudster responsible for the offence. Fraudulent crime has been rising, and now as an attempt to deter individuals from practicing fraud, the fraud investigation process has intensified in conjunction with the repercussions. It is important to be aware of the fraud investigation process and the potential repercussions of fraud, which have the potential to damage an individual and a business both financially and morally.

How can Beyond Cloud help

We tailor our solutions to your needs, providing a high level of digital investigation and required Forensic Data Recovery and Computer Forensics. We tailor our approach to you and remain in close contact at all times to ensure that we meet your needs and continue to provide the information you require.

Network Forensics

Network forensics is the study of data in motion, with special focus on gathering evidence via a process that will support admission into court. This means the integrity of the data is paramount, as is the legality of the collection process. With network forensics, the entire contents of e-mails, IM conversations, Web surfing activities, and file transfers can be recovered from network equipment and reconstructed to reveal the original transaction. Network forensics enables investigators to piece together a more complete picture using evidence from the entire network environment. This can be learn through computer forensic courses.

How can Beyond Cloud help

In network forensics, we monitor and perform analysis of computer network traffic for the purposes of information gathering, legal evidence and detection malware intrusion. Network forensics is performed with two aims: Detecting anomalous traffic and identifying intrusions.

Mobile Forensics

Mobile forensics is a type of electronic data gathering for legal evidence purposes. This is a useful tool for investigators as a method of gathering criminal evidence from a trail of digital data, which is sometimes difficult to delete. Extraction of deleted mobile phone files used as criminal evidence is the primary work of mobile phone forensics investigators.

How can Beyond Cloud help

Our digital forensic team follows stringent ethical and legal guidelines for evidence gathering, authentication, and integrity. Their work is backed by a team of professionals, and unbiased reports that are the basis for providing in-court expert testimony.

Disc Forensics

Disk forensics is the science of extracting forensic information from digital storage media like Hard disk, USB devices, CDs, DVD, Floppy disks etc.

 The process of Disk Forensics are –

  1.  Identify digital evidence
  2.  Seize & Acquire the evidence.
  3.  Preservation
  4.  Examination
  5.  Analysis
  6.  Presentation

How can Beyond Cloud help

Our team of experts deploys knowledge, experience, modern tools, technology and examination techniques to recover data and other relevant forensics artifacts residing on the storage devices. We carry out disk forensics across operating systems, hardware and storage devices including recovery of the data from physically or logically damaged devices.

Video Forensics

Forensic Video Analysis is the scientific examination, comparison or evaluation of video in legal matters. Fora video or audio recording to be used in a legal proceeding—

  • It must first be validated to ensure that the evidence is authentic and suitable for court purposes.
  • A forensics video analyst must determine which facts or pieces of evidence might be relevant
  • to the case.
  • Knowledge of evidence handling and technical expertise isn’t enough. This field also requires
  • A high level of critical thinking.

How can Beyond Cloud help

Beyond Cloud is onboard with some of the most advanced authentication techniques. Video evidence is ingested into a set of rigorous tests to determine the validity of the video evidence in question. Our video forensic expert deploys a scientific approach to determine if a video recording has been altered or is authentic.

E-mail Investigation

Email forensics play a very important role in investigation as most of the communication in present relies on emails. Email forensics is the study of source and content of email as evidence to identify the actual sender and recipient of a message along with some other information such as date/time of transmission and intention of sender. It involves investigating metadata, port scanning as well as keyword searching.

How can Beyond Cloud help

Our Digital Forensics Team provides complete email forensics services for law firms, businesses, government agencies as well as private investigators.